Make a Plan......A Fall Prevention Plan!

Ask a senior what concerns them most and right near the top of the list will be falling and breaking a hip. The fact is that falling can put you at risk of serious injury and can forever change your lifestyle. As we age, physical changes and health conditions make falls more likely.

So what can we do about it? Make a Plan! A Fall prevention plan!

It begins with making an appointment with your medical professional.

  • Be sure to list all the medications you are taking as they may increase your risk.

Engage some form of gentle physical activity to improve strength, balance, coordination and flexibility!

And just like we did when our children were babies - take a look around the house and make your home safer! Remove loose rugs, boxes, newspaper, from walkways and use non slip mats and grab bars in your bathtub and shower. Keep the home brightly lit to avoid tripping.

Consider using a helpful device like a cane or walker to keep you steady.

Take the time today to make a solid plan - falls can be prevented and that's great news!