7 Signs Your Aging Parent May Need Help

7 Signs That Your Aging Parent May Need Help

Perhaps over the holidays you became aware of changes in your parents’ attitudes or behaviors which may have gone unnoticed during a routine telephone conversation. It is totally understandable that adult children who live far away from their parents could feel worried and concerned about the health and safety of the ones they love.

It has always been mom or dad’s wish to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible, but day-to-day activities like cooking, cleaning, and taking medication have become more difficult.

So, how do you know when it’s time to bring in a little help? Be on the lookout for some of the following indicators:

1)     Lost interest in keeping their home orderly and neat. Especially if tidiness has always been a priority for them!

2)     Doctor’s appointments have been missed. They may have several doctors that they see on a regular basis, but they have to cancel or miss recent appointments. Lack of transportation is a primary concern for many seniors.

3)     They forget to take their medications. Just like going to the doctor, keeping up with their meds is an essential ingredient healthy senior living.

4)     Their nutrition and eating habits are suffering. If you notice that is little food in their kitchen, or that their fresh foods are spoiled and uneaten, it may indicate that grocery shopping and cooking have become challenging.

5)     Pots and pans are scorched. Is it forgetfulness? Is it short term memory loss? Or is it something more? Whatever the reason, it’s a safety concern for them and their neighbors.

6)     Mail is left unopened and bills unpaid. Financial matters can be very overwhelming for seniors!

7)     Declining personal hygiene. They no longer pay attention to the details of appearance and hygiene, sometimes for fear of falling in the bathtub.

Recognizing the needs of your aging loved ones and resolving to get them the care they need and the peace of mind you want is a great goal for 2015. Let us help you take care of your loved ones and yourself.

Everyone at Seniors Helping Seniors of Westchester and Putnam Counties wishes you and your families a very happy and healthy 2015!